Before leaving California we were determined to ride through Death Valley, just so we could say we did it.  Heading north on 178 at Trona we found the road closed due to washout.  Consulting with the local sheriff we learned we would have to spend the day getting to the east side to enter the area. So we did.  As can be seen we had no trouble keeping up with the traffic.  
The only little town in the middle of nowhere we stopped at was Shoeshone, before turning towards Nevada and a hotel in Pahrump.  Yep, spelling is right. We learned this is a town retired Nevada Police Officer's retire to.  


31/08/2013 5:29am

Open Road! Perfect!

31/08/2013 6:40am

Death Valley is amazing, the scenery is awesome. Hope it wasn't too hot because you can't drive fast enough to cool down. But as they say it's a "dry heat". Ride Safe and keep up the good work with the blog.

01/09/2013 6:57am

That Sherrif's office looks like something right out of a Stephen King novel!!


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