Bill and my brother Bill made it.  Photo's taken at the Tim Horton's where we all met and headed out. Unfortunately Ches didn't complete the trip after his mishap on the second day. And Craig will no doubt want to do the whole trip on any future excursions.

Some stats:    35 days on the road.  Bikes didn't move three days when in San Fran.
                            15,800 kilometres.  Average of 494 kilometres a day.
                            11 U.S. National Parks attended. (seasonal park pass used)
                             1 National Monument.
                             3 National Recreational Areas visited. 
                             3 designated - scenic area/state park/wilderness reserve

The Harley had an oil change, nothing else!
The Yamaha had to have a Power Commander removed to make it run better!

The dream is completed, our photos to help relive the memories.
08/09/2013 4:33pm

Absolutely amazing!! Congratulations on completing the odyssey! Memories you'll treasure forever!

Ches Somers
08/09/2013 7:17pm

Congratulations. A great trip.

Elsie Burkholder
08/09/2013 11:44pm

Congratulations!!!! Thanks for taking us along with you on your Dream Trip! You are an inspiration to the rest of us to "GO FOR IT"
Elsie & Garry


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