We only went through one tank of gas today, but, what a day.  Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Park will be a memory along with all the other parks we have experienced.  Roads that motorcyclists crave and scenery that impresses, but features hard to realize.  
Standing between to giants...
Standing with the giant.  Not the tallest. The oldest, largest, living thing by volumne on earth. 

Riding through the giants.
The valley and Kaweah Reservoir filled in the spring from runoff in Sequoia Park. The reservoir prevents flooding and provides irrigation for the agricultural farming below it.
August shows the reservoir greatly depleted. The spring water line should be evident.
Oil field approaching Bakerfield, CA.
30/8/2013 20:35:48

Just scrolling through some of these photos! Wow! What an awesome trip. Those trees are are massive


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